Writing and Puppetry Summer Programs

As one of the nation’s “inkiest” colleges, Sarah Lawrence is devoting much of its summer programming to students of writing. A Summer Seminar for Writers, a Playwriting Intensive, and a High School Writer’s Workshop will help new and experienced writers develop their craft. Adding to the atmosphere of creativity on campus will be a workshop on the multidisciplinary art form of puppetry.

With Sarah Lawrence style – cross-genre freedom, individual conferences with professors, and small, intensive workshops – the “Summer Seminar for Writers” gives writers a chance to explore new ground and express new work. June 22–27.

SLC’s Playwriting Intensive offers a rigorous playwriting program. Mornings are devoted to small group classroom sessions with five different faculty playwrights. In the afternoons students have private meetings with instructors and work with actors and directors on their new material. Evenings are given over to rehearsed readings of students’ work and follow up discussions. June 22–27.

In a world where information is the newest currency, communication is the key. Sarah Lawrence College’s “Summer Writer’s Workshop for High School Students” offers young writers a chance to find and define their voice in a non-competitive, non-judgmental environment. True to Sarah Lawrence form the workshops are multidisciplinary allowing young writers to explore theatre, film, and music. July 7–11.

“Puppet Central” offers six days of hands on exploration of different styles of puppetry (Bunraku, toy theatre, shadow puppetry, etc.) as well as the discovery of how dance, visual arts, character work, movement, dramaturgy, engineering and technical design all come together to create and inform this beautiful art. June 22–27.

For further information, please call (914) 395-2412.