Center for Continuing Education Turns 40

Nearly everyone is looking for information and insight into current affairs these days; the best place to turn may be one's alma mater.

New York area alumnae/i of Sarah Lawrence College's Center for Continuing Education may now look to the College for programs that meet these needs, also giving them an opportunity to enjoy the company of former students and current faculty.

Celebrating the 40th anniversary of one of the first programs in the country for adults who want to resume their college educations after interrupting them for family, work or other reasons, CCE is focusing on a mission to keep its former students engaged in lifelong learning, particularly through College activities.

On April 2, from 6–7:30 p.m. at the Lotos Club, 5 E.66th Street, four faculty members and a current student activist will conduct a panel discussion on issues concerning the security and civil rights of Americans in the wake of 9/11 and in anticipation of a war on Iraq and other critical developments in the world. Titled "A Conversation About the Changing Political Landscape in the U.S.," the panel will consider such issues as the relationship between security and civil rights, including the detention and registration of immigrants, particularly those from the Middle East. The panel will be moderated by Priscilla Murolo, an alumna of the Center for Continuing Education, and currently on sabbatical from her position as history faculty member and director of Sarah Lawrence's graduate program in women's history. Panelists include K. Dean Hubbard, Jr., Joanne Woodward Chair in Public Policy, Monica Varsanyi, geography faculty member, Kasturi Ray, global studies faculty member, and Kristin Kuriga, student activist. The cost for the panel discussion is $25.

This program is being held in conjunction with the Manhattan Seminar: The Middle East Crisis, a six-part seminar for alumnae/i taking place from March 4–13. A pilot program, the Seminar has been booked for several weeks.

As much as it is important to address the compelling issues of the day, there are other aspects of life that need enrichment too. To meet those needs, a program on collecting will be held on Tuesday, April 8 from 6:30–8:30 p.m at the Bruce Museum in Greenwich, Connecticut. A gallery talk by SLC faculty member Judith Rodenbeck, in conjunction with the museum's exhibit "Pleasures of Collecting: Part II, Twentieth Century and Contemporary Art" will be hosted by CCE alumna Christine Gerli. There is no cost to alumnae/i for this program. For more information on the April events in New York and Greenwich please contact Levke Haas at (914) 395-2527 or