Hafsat Abiola to Speak on Nigerian Crisis

Hafsat Abiola, 23 year-old daughter of Moshood Abiola, the last democratically elected President of Nigeria, will speak on the current Nigerian political crisis on Wednesday, November 18 at 7 p.m. in Reisinger Hall on the Sarah Lawrence campus. The lecture is free and open to the public.

Ms. Abiola was born and raised in Nigeria and educated in the United States, where she earned a degree in political economy from Harvard University. She is the founder of the Kudirat Institute for Nigerian Democracy (KIND), an institute dedicated to restoring democracy and strengthening civil society in Nigeria and named after Ms. Abiola’s mother, who was assassinated in 1996.

In 1993, after Ms. Abiola’s father won the first democratic Presidential election in ten years, the ruling military junta annulled the results and incarcerated him along with thousands of political activists and journalists, resulting in the ongoing national crisis. He died in prison in July under suspicious circumstances, days before he was to be released.

Ms. Abiola has spoken at universities, churches, labor unions and solidarity organizations throughout the U.S. She is considered one of the best speakers on the current crisis, distilling centuries of history. She often draws on personal experiences and anecdotes. The lecture is co-sponsored by the College’s Office of Multicultural Affairs and the Women’s History Graduate Program.

For further information and directions, please call (914) 395-2411.