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The Sarah Lawrence College Communications Toolkit is a collection of resources available to help College employees create documents, presentations, fliers, e-mails, and other communications that look and feel professional and authentically Sarah Lawrence.

Consistency and accuracy in our communications influence how our external audiences perceive Sarah Lawrence. In other words, what we say is as important as how we say it and how we present it.

Any external use of official Sarah Lawrence College logos, wordmarks, and photography must be approved by the Office of Marketing & Communications. To request support, please contact the Office via e-mail.

Please note that certain proprietary content is only available on MySLC, where login is required.


Editorial Style Guide

The Editorial Style Guide serves as a tool for writing and editing content, whether for publication or presentation. It is especially useful as a reference for common questions such as how to cite titles, building names, and academic programs.

Access the Editorial Style Guide


Official Fonts

The Sarah Lawrence type families—Chronicle and Ringside—have been carefully selected to provide the widest possible range of typographic expression and the greatest possible flexibility for both print and screen applications, while simultaneously working to establish the College’s distinctive brand.

Login to MySLC to download Chronicle and Ringside

To install fonts on your Windows PC:

  • Unzip the compressed (.zip) file to show the individual font files in a folder.
  • Place the font files into the Fonts folder, usually C:\Windows\Fonts or C:\WINNT\Fonts
    This can also be reached via the Start Menu / Control Panel / Appearance and Themes / Fonts.

To install fonts on your Mac in any version of OS X:

Place the files into /Library/Fonts for all users, or into /Users/Your_username/Library/Fonts for your use only.

Alternate Fonts

It is important to note that Chronicle and Ringside are premium fonts that are not widely available. Files created using these fonts may lose formatting when opening them on computers that do not have these fonts installed.

For these reasons, the use of alternate fonts is recommended as needed. Arial or Arial Narrow can be substituted for Marianina. Georgia may be used in place of Otama. These fonts are widely available on most PCs and Macs.

Letterhead Template

Use the official letterhead template for all external communications. Please note that the header and footer may appear light when creating your letter, but will display in full color when printed or exported to PDF format.

Login to MySLC to download the letterhead template

Microsoft PowerPoint Templates

The Office of Marketing & Communications provides selected Microsoft PowerPoint templates to help you create documents and presentations that look and feel professional and authentically Sarah Lawrence.
Templates are updated regularly, and include:

  • 4x3 PowerPoint template (for standard-width screens)
  • 16x9 PowerPoint template (for wide-width screens)

Login to MySLC to access Microsoft PowerPoint templates

Social Media

As the popularity of social media increases, departments across campus are expressing an interest in establishing a presence for their area of the College on one or more social networks. We receive the most requests for advice on establishing a Facebook Page or Group, and for that reason we have put together a Guidelines & Best Practices document (available on MySLC under "Downloads"). If you are interested in establishing a Facebook presence to represent an area of the College, please download this document, and feel free to contact Patricia Pasquale, Assistant Vice President for Marketing & Communications, with any questions.

External Publicity for Public Events

The Office of Marketing & Communications works to promote events open to the public in an effort to spread awareness and increase attendance. The ways in which we publicize events include: the event calendar on, web postings on local community calendars, and press releases. The Office of Marketing & Communications determines which promotional options are appropriate for each event. It’s important to note that though we may submit events to external publications, calendars, or websites, events are not always included.

Events that are open to the public must booked with College Events prior to submitting the Event Promotion Request form.

Access the Event Promotion Request Form

Your Sarah Lawrence Identity

Requesting Business Cards

Use this form to request official Sarah Lawrence College business cards. Please note: all requests must be approved by your supervisor (if applicable).

For cost-effectiveness, business card orders are grouped and submitted to the printer in batches. While we strive to deliver all orders within one month, delivery times vary at different points throughout the year, with orders placed later in the academic year often taking longer. We encourage you to monitor your stock of business cards and order before you run out. All orders must be picked up at the Office of Marketing & Communications. To check the status of your order, please contact Rob Weber, Print & Direct Mail Manager.

Access the business card request form

Requesting Name Tags

Use this form to request an official Sarah Lawrence College name tag. Delivery times vary at different points throughout the year, but you will normally receive your order within one week.

Access the name tag request form

Formatting Your E-mail Signature

The Office of Marketing & Communications is asking faculty and staff to begin incorporating a common style in all e-mail signatures, which will ensure that your contact information renders consistently across e-mail clients and clearly associates you with Sarah Lawrence College.

View the e-mail signature guidelines on MySLC

Photography & Wordmarks

Selected Photography

This collection of recent photographs feature scenes of the campus, academics, student life, and alumni. These images are approved by the Office of Marketing & Communications for use by Sarah Lawrence faculty and staff for work supporting the College.

Please note that any other use requires permission from the Office of Marketing & Communications.

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To communicate both the rigor and flexibility of a Sarah Lawrence education, the official wordmark has flexibility built in…with rigorous rules. Its modular components can slide horizontally, creating variants that can be used in different design contexts and to reinforce different communication objectives. Please refer to the Communications Guidelines (PDF) for information about effectively using College wordmarks.

Note that .png files are provided for Web, e-mail, and Microsoft Office projects, while .eps files are provided for print projects created in professional design programs.

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Photo/Film/Video Permissions

Often, departments who plan to hire a photographer to shoot an event, or who plan to shoot an event themselves, ask us what types of permission they need to obtain from the subjects of the photos. The permission form outlines that process and should be given to photo subjects to affirm their consent to be included.

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