Brita Blauvelt '30

BlauveltProfession Fashion retailer at Lord and Taylor, 1930-1935; retired after marrying.

Most remembered SLC Faculty Helen Lynd, sociology, “a very truthful woman who made me want to become an intellectual.”

First Gift to SLC $10 in 1930. “Our class wanted to start a scholarship fund and we all pledged $10, except for one girl. I wrote to her father, who owned a large company, and explained that we wanted 100% participation. He sent me an envelope with a $10 bill and a note that said, ‘My daughter is so in love that she can’t be responsible for not replying.’ Then we had full participation.”

Most Recent Gift A member of the William and Sarah Lawrence Society through a 1992 $5,000 Pooled Income Fund gift.

Also Supports The Red Cross, the American Cancer Society and nature charities.

Most Recent Book ReadThe Three Edwards, by Thomas Costain

Statement “The way the College has grown is marvelous. When I was there, it was all so new—the first chemistry class was in the butler’s pantry in Westlands, because there was a nice sink. We really got the place going—starting the athletic association, student council, the alumnae association—because it needed all those things. I was an organizer, and I blossomed at Sarah Lawrence.”

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