Inquiring Minds - want to know why YOU support SLC

Betty Saudek Dania Abu-Shaheen '04 Anonymous Donald Singletary Rachel Feldman Joy Vida Jones Molly and Louis Loevsky Mary Lynn Marx Bianco

Betty Saudek

We lived in Bronxville for 40 years — we raised our children there. Our daughter attended Sarah Lawrence; I took graduate classes there, too. The professors were excellent, and I thought it was an extremely community-minded place. That's why my husband and I decided to set up a scholarship there rather than at the colleges we attended.


Dania Abu-Shaheen '04

As a student, I participated in the student phonathon, and that's when I figured out that the financial aid that helped me attend SLC came directly from people giving gifts to the College. I'm a big Sarah Lawrence supporter, and I believe in throwing in what you've got. It makes me feel great that other kids like me, who need financial aid, can come to Sarah Lawrence in part because of something I do.


When Tom Lux resigned, he didn’t want to be honored in any way, but it bothered some of us that his 27 years of teaching might go unacknowledged. He was, and remains, committed to every student interested in poetry, and he affected an amazing number of lives. We felt that starting an endowed scholarship fund in his honor would be a fitting way to honor his commitment to Sarah Lawrence, to teaching and to poetry.

One of several graduate students who founded the Thomas Lux Endowed Scholarship Fund, for a graduate poetry student who wants to teach after graduation.

David Singletary '73

A Sarah Lawrence education is itself a gift—a gift that keeps on giving. I’ve worked in public relations and education for 30 years, and I draw on my Sarah Lawrence education every day. The SLC philosophy provides a strong foundation for a career in any field—it helps you consider the broader context of any situation. I think it’s important to preserve the Sarah Lawrence way of education, which is devoted to the individual, to independent thought, to engaging deeply with a field of study.

Rachel Feldman '76

Giving is not about dollars and cents, but enthusiasm and spirit—especially for an institution that has given me so much. I don’t like fundraising. I didn’t grow up with money. Why should I be obligated to give to a school when my parents struggled to get me through? I give because I love the school, from affection. I don’t owe Sarah Lawrence anything, but my time there was an awakening for me—a beautiful time in life. My life now is connected historically to being at Sarah Lawrence.

Joy Vida Jones '71

The question shouldn’t be, “Why do you support the College?” The question should be, “How could you not support the College?”—especially given the influence that Sarah Lawrence has had in my life.

Molly and Louis Loevsky

When we were young, getting a college education wasn’t so important—you could be successful without it. But in today’s world, college is a must. Our daughter, Laurie, attended Sarah Lawrence, and she just loved it. It’s a cliché to call Sarah Lawrence “unusual,” but really it’s a very unusual school, and it was perfect for my daughter. When she passed away, we decided to establish a scholarship as a living memorial to her, because she loved it so much, and because we support a lot of educational causes.

Mary Lynn Marx Bianco '61

Forty-nine years ago I arrived at SLC as a know-it-all freshman—but I didn’t stay that way for long. Daunted by exploratory courses, my don and classmates who were far better-prepared, I struggled...and how! But Sarah Lawrence taught me that education is more about inquiring than acquiring, and about embracing change with open arms and a curious mind. Though difficult and often exasperating, the Sarah Lawrence experience is a rare and remarkable gift.

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