All in a Day's Work: I did plays at SLC with Wilford Leach

Jill Clayburgh ’66 If you found what you like SLC gave you room to focus

Jill Clayburgh ’66

Actress, New York City

I started off concentrating in religion and philosophy and then I just fell in love with the theatre. I did plays at SLC with Wilford Leach who sub-sequently became a director at the Public Theater and I also worked with John Braswell. So I had Will and John and Brian De Palma, who was one of SLC’s first male students.  We did a movie together called The Wedding Party.  Robert De Niro was in it, too. One of the good things about Sarah Lawrence was that if you found what you liked, they gave you the room to focus on it.

Robert Rhodes ’90 The possibilities are endless

Robert Rhodes ’90

School Principal, Millennium High School, New York City

After Sarah Lawrence, I wanted to continue studying, history maybe, or political science or psychology. I needed some time to figure things out and since I liked learning so much, I thought I'd stay close to it. So I landed a teaching job at a small start-up high school in the city. Fifteen years later, I’m a high school principal. Millennium is located in the Financial District in an office tower. Our teaching model encourages the kids to talk and write and ask questions. There's also an emphasis on independent research, a lot like conference work at SLC. As the principal, I’m ultimately responsible for anything that goes on in the school. With about fifty staff, and five-hundred and fifty students, the possibilities are endless.

Rose Lynd ’03

Rose Lynd ’03

Labor Organizer, New York City

At Sarah Lawrence, I took a lot of service-learning classes where I worked with community groups. After graduation I wanted to do something to make the world better, and Local 100 was looking for people. We represent restaurant and food service workers, people in cafeterias, stadiums and free-standing restaurants. I do internal organizing for workers who are already in the union. We handle grievances-you know, “My chef is an [expletive] and keeps yelling at me, what can I do?"-and tell people what their protections are. A lot of our members are undocumented immigrants but we have language in their contracts that protects them from being fired for their immigration status. Many of them also have health insurance through us so they don't have to go without medical care or rely on Medicaid for their children's care.

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