All in a Day's Work: Writing is all I've ever wanted to do

Robert Anasi ’89

About the Author

Robert Anasi ’89 is a writer living in New York City.

Dr. Samuel Johnson once said that, ‘No man but a blockhead ever wrote, except for money.’ Over the past sixteen years I’ve written dramas, screenplays, novels, journalism, essays, criticism and reviews and gotten paid for it more often than not. Writing is all I ever wanted to do and I like that it always demands more from me than I can give. Before Sarah Lawrence, I was always in trouble at school. SLC was the first place where I met adults who cared about the truth and treated me like a human being. 

Beach Bennett ’87 The flexibility at SLC really helped me find my own way

Beach Bennett ’87

Dressage Rider & Trainer, Martha’s Vineyard, MA

Dressage is basically gymnastics for horses. They say it takes two life-times to become a master at it. I rode all the time as a kid but I didn’t ride at SLC; mostly I studied psychology. After college, I was teaching home-less adolescent girls when I decided I needed to start riding again. Soon enough, I was training full time and then I opened my own barn on Martha’s Vineyard. My background in psychology gave me tools to handle the horses and riders. The flexibility at Sarah Lawrence really helped me to find my own way.

Daun Paris Hauspurg ’78

Daun Paris Hauspurg ’78

Real Estate Professional, New York City

After graduating from Sarah Lawrence with concentrated interests in economics and the performing arts, I pursued a career in commercial real estate, which combined my desire for independence and creativity (sounds like Sarah Lawrence) with an entrepreneurial environment without a ceiling on earning potential. Three years later, with a partner whom I later married, I started Eastern Consolidated, an investment services firm specializing in the acquisition, disposition and finance of all types of properties. Today, Eastern Consolidated has grown into the largest single-office real estate investment services firm in the nation, with sales of nearly two billion dollars.

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