All in a Day's Work: We're on the road a lot but I enjoy it

Raushan Mitchell ’00 That single fleeting moment when you feel alive

Raushan Mitchell ’00

Dancer, New York City

When I started dancing at fifteen, I knew that was what I wanted to do with my life. I came to Sarah Lawrence for dance, but also because I wanted to continue with academics and be close to the city. I met Pam at SLC and was in her company for three years, then I joined Merce Cunningham’s company. Merce said, “You have to love dancing to stick to it. It gives you nothing back but that single fleeting moment when you feel alive.” We’re on the road a lot but I enjoy it. I’m twenty-eight and when I run into my peers from school, I can see how they’re starting to reach positions of influence in their careers.

Pam Tanowitz ’98

Pam Tanowitz MFA ’98

Choreographer, New York City

I have a dance company based in New York City. My dances are a hybrid of ballet and modern dance and create a link between beauty and awkwardness as a way of trying to represent the conflicting forces that move us through today’s post-everything landscape. The clash and then the coalescence of these ideas-made-physical is the underlying tension and hoped for resolution at the heart of my work. When I came to SLC for my M.F.A., Viola Farber changed my life. She was so passionate and committed to her art, she basically retaught me how to dance. Sarah Lawrence gave me an entirely new body of work and a group of dancers that I’ve continued to work with. It was a wonderful experience.

Theresa O. Wyatt ’91

Theresa O. Wyatt ’91

Assistant to the Pastor, Christian Universal Temple Baptist Church, New York City

As an assistant to the pastor, I give sermons, handle business affairs and am the president of the sanctuary choir. My uncle is the pastor of my church and I’ve been there my entire life. But I only received a call to the ministry after I graduated from law school. At the time, I suffered from a serious illness that took about a year and a half to stabilize. When I was coming through that, I had time to reflect on myself and what I stood for, the meaning of life, if you will. During the most difficult episodes of my life, my Sarah Lawrence education gave me support. It reinforced within me how to be independent and taught me that being alone does not necessarily mean being lonely.

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