All in a Day's Work

There are more than 16,000 alumnae/i of Sarah Lawrence College. What do they do for a living? Everything you can imagine. We found 16 who let us glimpse a typical day’s work, and who were willing to consider, aloud, why they do what they do. Hardly an accurate sampling-but only 15,984, more or less, to go.

Photograph of Rona Carr ’74

Rona Carr ’74

Business Consultant, New York City

I spent my junior year in Nigeria, in the north. It was a wealthy part of the country, yet the infra-structure was horrible-no electricity, terrible hospitals, a corrupt banking system. That year got me interested in business and how modern business practices might help. After a decade in business, I decided to open my own consultancy. I'm also certified in family and workplace stress management. Recently, I completed a project with the Diversity Pipeline Alliance, which encourages minorities to pursue careers in business and philanthropy in their communities. SLC taught me that if you do what you love, the rewards will come.

Josh Selig ’86

Josh Selig ’86

Children’s television producer, New York City

After Sarah Lawrence I worked as a street performer, juggling and eating fire in Times Square. I managed to get a writing audition at Sesame Street and they said I was funny and hired me. I spent ten years with Sesame Street as a writer, filmmaker and producer. Then I started my own company, Little Airplane Productions. We create and produce preschool shows for Nick Jr., Noggin and Playhouse Disney. Our big show at the moment is "The Wonder Pets!" It's about three classroom pets who sing opera and save other animals in distress. I think it's hilarious. I really love my job. I get to spend my days making things, and that's all I have ever wanted to do.

Barbara Kolsun ’71 I get to spend my days making things and that’s all I ever wanted to do

Barbara Kolsun ’71

Lawyer, New York City

I'm the Senior Vice-President and General Counsel of 7 For All Mankind, a luxury denim company, and a major hot brand. One of my areas of expertise is counterfeiting. I've done this kind of work for Kate Spade and Calvin Klein Jeans, Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger. Chinatown is one of the big distribution points for illegal goods in the U.S. and we do civil and criminal raids there on a regular basis. It can be dangerous for investigators. You don't necessarily want them to know what you look like.

Jill Clayburgh - We did a movie together called emThe Wedding Party/em. Robert De Niro was in it, too. Robert Rhodes Rosa Lynd