In Other News

In Other News

  • X-Ray Specs

    You’re a scientist. You work with powders, crystals, and particles that are too tiny to be seen. How can you tell what they’re made of? If you’re at Sarah Lawrence, you could use the x-ray diffractometer the College acquired over the summer.

  • Interviewing Barbara Walters

    barbara_walters_thumbnail.jpgThe crowd in Reisinger Auditorium started forming an hour before the event. Tickets had been snatched up almost instantly a month in advance. The response on campus seemed to indicate the presence of a rock star, but the honored guest was actually an alumna. Barbara Walters, the acclaimed journalist and one of Sarah Lawrence College's best-known graduates, sat down with faculty and students for an intimate question-and-answer session.

  • While They Meet in Copenhagen… Sarah Lawrence College Announces Results of Living Sustainably

    As leaders deliberate at the Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, Sarah Lawrence College is pleased to announce the results of an analysis of its first energy efficient residence hall: a ninety-one percent savings in energy from the previous year and a sixty-eight percent cost savings.* The impressive reduction in energy use and carbon emissions is attributed to the energy efficient retrofitting of a residence hall and the sustainable practices used by the students.

  • Free Rides

    The College rolled out a bike-share program earlier this month, placing six lime-green bicycles in a designated rack in front of the library. Students, faculty, and staff can now borrow a bike to get around on campus, to pedal into town, or just to get some exercise.