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Q: You're going on an adventure. What do you pack?

“A very good book, for waiting periods. Probably David Copperfield.”

Beth Sharkey, ’06 | Editorial coordinator for Sesame Workshop | Queens, NY

“Rainboots—so I don’t get dirty—and my camera.”

Noemi Jimenez, ’09 | New York, NY

“Toilet paper.”

Cookie Tenenbaum Gale, ’75 | Retired social worker | Savannah, GA

“Swimsuit, sarong, sunhat, sunscreen, and a paddle.”
“Oh that’s good, a paddle. I’d bring boots. A hat. And a bunch of books.”
“We’re not going to the same place, I guess.”

Cynthia Clark ’76 and John Mutter’’76 | Montclair, NJ

“The golden compass—the actual compass from the book. It not only tells the direction, it tells fortunes, it can read personalities, it can read when there’s danger. It’s a really useful tool to have.”

Alli Shaloum-Brydon MFA, ’05 | Children’s book editor | Brooklyn, NY

“I can’t go anywhere without cookies. Mint milanos or Nilla wafers.”

Alexandra Roberti MFA, ’05 | Teacher | New York, NY

“Quarters, because you need change for the NJ Garden State Parkway tolls. Any adventure worth going on, you’d take the Garden State Parkway and not the turnpike.”

Rebecca Frick, ’04 | Office manager | New York, NY

“A down sleeping bag. Carabiners, a rope, and a harness.”

Laura Heian, ’99 | New York, NY

“A good book and my ipod. There’s nothing like an outing with a soundtrack.”

Jay Strong, ’78 | Playwright | New York, NY

“For most adventures: enough cash in proper currency to buy/buy off what you need, camera, something to write with, and a knife. Friends if you want, none if you don't.”

Voltaire Casino, ’05 | Washington, DC

“I bring a few zip lock bags of various sizes, and baby wipes. If it will be hot, a small empty spray bottle so we can mist ourselves. A sharp knife, like a Swiss army knife. A good headlamp. String and clothespins, which can be used for many things besides hanging your laundry.”

Lysa Tabachnick, ’87 | Bilingual elementary teacher | Santa Cruz, CA

“My ipod shuffle with my inspirational songs: a little bit of REM, some musical theater—new musical theater, not the old stuff. Maybe a little Josh Groban and then the Decembrists.”

Elizabeth Uzelac, ’06 | New York, NY