James Tynion IV '10

Freelance comic-book writer and Vice Chair of The Fund for Sarah Lawrence

New York City

James Tynion

then Studied with Scott Snyder (writing) just as Snyder was being approached by the comic-book industry.

now They’re now partnering on various projects, including weekly, full-length Batman comics.

then As a kid, Tynion made his dad invent new Peter Pan stories after finishing the books, because he was so hungry for new stories about one of his favorite characters.

now Recently created his own characters for a series titled The Eighth Seal (on www.thrillbent.com), which he says is sort of Rosemary’s Baby meets The West Wing

then Used to be weirded out by gore in film, but got over it by watching all the seasons of Nip/Tuck during his first year at SLC; wrote his senior thesis on horror movies and watched 175 of them in a year

now Has lost the ability to be truly frightened by a movie

then All-time favorite horror film: Silence of the Lambs

now Most recent favorite: Martyrs—a nihilistically bleak French film, which he likes because he prefers horror flicks without happy endings

then Hung out in Slonim Living Room playing Smash Brothers with friends

now Every week, goes to trivia night at a bar in the East Village with those same SLC friends

then $5 towards the senior gift in 2010

now Has donated $50 each year since