Talking It Out

Teach-in participants Student leaders at the Teach-in President Myers at the Teach-in

On April 8, 2004, President Myers cancelled classes so the College community could participate in the Teach-In on Racism, Bias, and Exclusion.

In doing so, she was responding to campus incidents of ethnic and religious insensitivity in true Sarah Lawrence fashion: with an activist spirit and an urge to talk. In groups ranging in size from four or five individuals to the entire campus community, participants discussed identity, oppression, and inclusion from every angle.

Quote by Michele Myers

The Teach-In was acknowledged as just the first step toward a greater inclusiveness at Sarah Lawrence and beyond. "The fight must go on, and we must search for better ways to build a community where we are respectful of our differences, compassionate, courageous, and open to each other," Myers said at the event. "Let's keep learning-and let's make sure that learning mobilizes us to act."

Top: Students, faculty, and staff gathered on the lawn north of Westlands. Center: student leaders spoke passionately about the need for change. Bottom: President Myers listens to speakers.

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