Mira Josefowitz Spektor '50

Composer and poet

New York, NY

Mira Josefowitz Spektor

then: Founded The Aviva Players in 1975.

now: The group is still active, performing chamber music and songs by women composers of the 12th: through 21st: centuries.

then: Her late husband, Eryk Spektor, courted her all through her junior and senior years. After hours, he would sneak in through the renowned hole in the fence.

now: She has two grandchildren: Gabriel Nussbaum, an award-winning filmmaker, and Lily Claire Nussbaum, a cabaret singer.

then: Her daughter, Charline Spektor, graduatedfrom SLC in 1975. Son Alexander attended SLC from 1977 to 1978.

now: Charline is a playwright and owner of the BookHampton Bookstores on Long Island. (Naturally, she carries Spektor’s book of poems, The Road to November:) Alexander Spektor works in real estate.

then: Started giving small gifts to The Fund for Sarah Lawrence: in 1954.

now: “I make a point of giving to the College every year because my Sarah Lawrence education brought my life so much value.”