Published, Performed, and Presented

Informal Social Networks and Rational Voting,” an article by Sam Abrams (political science), was published in the British Journal of Political Science last year.

William Anderson (music) performed several concerts with the Cygnus Ensemble, including at the Bard Festival in August. The ensemble released a recording of Harold Meltzer’s “Brion,” which was recommended in the New York Times’ Gift Guide in December.

Lorna Knowles Blake (writing) published the poem “Duke Ellington” in The Cento Anthology (Red Hen, 2010). Her poems also appeared in The Hudson Review, Waccamau Review, and The Cortland Review, and she gave a reading at Marymount College in November.

Card image Presented: Jill B.C. du Boff

Presented: Jill B.C. du Boff

Jill B.C. du Boff (theatre) designed the sound for a variety of shows in New York City this winter, including Middletown, Other Desert Cities at Lincoln Center, and Good People by David Lindsay-Abaire ’92.

Patti Bradshaw (dance) performed “The Continuing Adventures of Out of Nothing” at the 92nd St Y Harkness Dance Center in March '11. She also received a project grant from the Jim Henson Foundation.

While on sabbatical, Roy Brand (philosophy) has been setting up a new art site and cultural center in Jerusalem, the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design. In October, the center opened with an exhibit called “Correspondences.”

In January, Bella Brodzki ’72 (literature) presented “Between Paradise and Babel: Life Writing Across Languages” at the MLA conference in Los Angeles. She also chaired a panel on the work of Claude Lanzmann at which Gilberto Perez (film studies) presented.

Lorayne Carbon (Early Childhood Center) published “Advice to Teachers” in The Wisdom of Nature in October.

Sayantani DasGupta (health advocacy) published “Motherhood Jeopardized: Reproductive Technologies in Indian Communities” in The Globalization of Motherhood: Deconstructions and Reconstructions of Biology and Care (Routledge, 2010). Her creative nonfiction essay, “Intern,” was included in Becoming a Doctor (W.W. Norton, 2010). She also gave a talk on storytelling in September and spoke at the Engaging Publics and Pedagogies Conference at McMaster University in Canada in November.

Michael Davis (philosophy) co-edited a collection of essays by Seth Benardete, The Archaeology of the Soul: Platonic Readings in Ancient Poetry and Philosophy (St. Augustine’s, 2010). He gave two lectures at the University of Tulsa, Oklahoma, in September, and was also appointed to the Honorary Board of Editors for The Chinese Journal of Classical Studies.

In August '10, Aurora Donzelli (anthropology) published “Rice Intimacies: Reflections on the ‘House’ in Upland Sulawesi and South China” in Constructing the Future – Remembering the Past: Houses and Architecture in Southeast Asia (Archiv für Völkerkunde, 2010). She also published a paper in the Applied Linguistics Review.

In October '10, Glenn Dynner (religion) published “Legal Fictions: The Survival of the Rural Jewish Tavern-keeper in the Kingdom of Poland” in Jewish Social Studies, and presented “The Survival of the Jewish Liquor Trade in the Kingdom of Poland” at Princeton University.

Melissa Frazier (Russian) gave a talk on “Legacies of Romantic Authorship: Turgenev and Goncharov” at a conference in Los Angeles in November.

Card image Performed: Peggy Gould (dance)

Performed: Peggy Gould (dance)

In October '10, Peggy Gould (dance) performed Patricia Hoffbauer’s “Para-Dice” with the Danspace Project in New York City.

Card image Published: Suzanne Gardinier (writing)

Published: Suzanne Gardinier (writing)

In December '11, Suzanne Gardinier (writing) published Iridium & Selected Poems 1986-2009 (Sheep Meadow, 2010). “Night Journey,” a poem from the book, was published in Jubilat.

Philip Gould (art history emeritus) wrote introductory essays for two eponymous books on Chinese-American artists, Chu Chen-kuang (China Overseas, 2011) and Yu Chit-fu (self-published).

In August '10, Kathleen Hill (writing) published the story “Fall” in Agni Online. In November, she had a reading and book launch for her novel, Who Occupies This House, at Ireland House in New York City.

Arnold Krupat (literature) gave the keynote address for a Native American Studies conference at the University of Georgia in November. His talk was titled “Conceptualizing the ‘Red Atlantic.’”

Greg MacPherson (theatre) designed the lighting for Fingers of Your Thoughts and Midsummer Night’s Dream for Ballet Memphis, and for Movement, Summer Shorts, and the EST Marathon of One Act Plays in New York City.

In August '10, Nicolaus Mills (literature) published “Class Acts: It’s Time to Pivot on Affirmative Action” in Newsday and “Sex Shops and Strip Clubs Near Ground Zero” in the Christian Science Monitor.

He wrote “Higher Ed Bragging Rights” for the Huffington Post in October. November brought “What We Lost with the Passing of June Cleaver” for the Guardian and “Lincoln’s 1863 Thanksgiving and Ours” for Dissent. He finished the year with “120 years of Army-Navy Football” for CNN in December.

Narrative Magazine published “Standards,” a story by Mary Morris (writing), in October.

Card image Published: Maria Negroni (Spanish)

Published: Maria Negroni (Spanish)

The poems of Maria Negroni (Spanish) from her collection Arte y Fuga were set to music by Spanish composer Cesar Camarero and performed in Europe in the fall. Negroni was selected to represent Argentina at the International Book Fair in Germany. Her poems were published in an Argentine anthology called 200 Anos de Poesia Argentina (“Two Hundred Years of Argentine Poetry”) in September (Alfaguara, 2010), as well as in the journals Two Lines, Exchanges, InTranslation, Almost Island, Brooklyn Rail, and Words Without Borders.

In October '10, David Neumann (theatre) choreographed and danced a duet with Mikhail Baryshnikov at the Ringling International Arts Festival in Florida, where he also performed two solos. Neumann received the 2011 Foundation for Contemporary Arts Grant in Dance.

In January '11, CB Editions published the first British edition of Voices Over Water, a collection of poems by Dennis Nurkse (writing). In October, Nurkse read his poems at the Sha’ar Arab-Israeli International Poetry Festival in Tel Aviv and Jaffa, Israel.

Card image Published: Stephen O’Connor (writing)

Published: Stephen O’Connor (writing)

Stephen O’Connor (writing) published a collection of short fiction titled Here Comes Another Lesson in August (Free Press, 2010). One of the stories was recently recorded by actor Tim Curry for a Selected Shorts program on NPR that will air this year. He has also given dozens of readings promoting his book. O’Connor published two poems in Agni, and the story “Till There Was You” in Conjunctions, in the fall. 

Card image Published: Judy Papachristou (History Emerita)

Published: Judy Papachristou (History Emerita)

The Halcyon Murder: Love and Death on a Greek Island, a historical detective story by Judy Papachristou (history emerita), was published in October (Troy, 2010). She gave a reading from the book at the Bushnell Sage Library in Massachusetts in March.

Gilberto Perez (film history) published “House of Miscegenation” in the London Review of Books in November.

In February, Kevin Pilkington (writing) published The Unemployed Man Who Became a Tree, a collection of poems (Black Lawrence, 2011). His poem “Promises” was included in the anthology Poetry of Paradise Valley: The First Decade of Valparaiso Poetry Review (Pecan Grove, 2011), and “A Manual for Urban Living” was included in The Harvard Review in January. He also read at the Miami International Book Fair in November.

In October, Charlotte Price (economics emerita) joined 45 delegates from the American Association of University Women (AAUW) on a trip to Cuba to compile a report on “Gender Equity and Women’s Role in Cuba.” In January, she spoke on the subject at an AAUW meeting in Maine. She also taught a course titled “Great Depression/Great Recession: Similarities and Differences” at the Midcoast Senior College in Bath, Maine.

Card image Published: Barbara Schecter (psychology)

Published: Barbara Schecter (psychology)

In March '11, Barbara Schecter ’74 (psychology) pub-lished “Development as an Aim of Education: A Reconsideration of Dewey’s Vision” in Curriculum Inquiry.

William Shullenberger (literature) translated three of Milton’s Latin poems for the anthology Milton’s Selected Poetry and Prose (Norton Critical Editions, 2010).

Mark Shulman (history) published articles in the Journal of the China University of Political Science and Law, Columbia Journal of Transnational Law, and Journal of American History, and participated in a panel discussion for the New York City Bar Association called “Navigating the US Legal Market and Planning Your Career.” He was also recently appointed as an adviser to the Rockefeller Foundation.

Kathy Westwater MFA ’01 (dance) moderated a panel on the Movement Research Studies Project in October in New York City.

In December '10, Sarah Wilcox (sociology) published “Lay Knowledge: The Missing Middle of the Expertise Debates” in the anthology Configuring Health Consumers: Health Work and the Imperative of Personal Responsibility (Palgrave Macmillan, 2010). In September, she spoke at the European Association for the Study of Science and Technology in Italy; her presentation was titled “Phenomenological Roots of ‘Doing Gender’ Theory: Medical Sociology, Embodiment, and Hormones.”

In October '10, Kristin Zahra Sands (religion) presented “The Problem of the Listless Lover in al-Qushayri’s Lata’if al-isharat” at George Mason University for a conference called “New Approaches to Qur’an and Exegesis.” She was also a panelist on the Legacy of al-Qushayri at the American Academy of Religion in Atlanta.