Transition Under the Tent

Commencement photos by Andrew Lichtenstein '88

It’s education, everywhere: The passing along of knowledge from teacher to student. But any Sarah Lawrence student knows that true education happens when information sparks idea. It can happen in a moment of connection or hours of questioning. It happens in small settings like seminar rooms and faculty offices, and it’s enlarged by student initiative through all four years. Few other colleges pair student and teacher so closely as ours. From orientation to graduation, a shared journey takes place unique to each pairing, but common to this campus. Ultimately, the hard work of conference ends in the pure joy of conversation—and culminates in a week capped by Commencement.

“Senior week” holds many pleasures for teacher and senior—the “life of learning” lecture, dances under the tent, the faculty show and Commencement itself—and one that is absolutely our own: The senior-don dinner.

Commencement photos by Andrew Lichtenstein '88Commencement photos by Andrew Lichtenstein '88

“At Sarah Lawrence, the act of teaching and the act of being taught are so nimbly and fruitfully joined that (in Yeats’s marvelous words) ‘one cannot tell the dancer from the dance.’”

Brendan Gill, writer, essayist, husband of Anne ’69 CCE, father of Madelaine ’68 and Kate ’75

Commencement photos by Andrew Lichtenstein '88Commencement photos by Andrew Lichtenstein '88
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