New Look

New Look

Yes, there’s a reason we chose design for the theme of this issue. We’ve been working on a new look for Sarah Lawrence since March, so the topic has been on our minds.

We want Sarah Lawrence to be the best magazine it can be: honest, curious, creative, intellectually rich, and engaged with the world. And we want it to look good, too.

Of course, beauty’s in the eye of the reader, so before we started the redesign process, we conducted a reader survey to find out what you like about the magazine and how you think it can better represent the creative, intellectual, funky spirit of Sarah Lawrence College.

Based on the 653 surveys we received, we decided to make the magazine look cleaner, more modern, and more “Sarah Lawrence,” while making it easier to navigate and more environmentally friendly. Here’s what we did:


The graphic opening spread whets your appetite for the feature section and showcases our great photography.

Preview section

On Campus

  • New departments like “at issue” show you what’s really going on at SLC.
  • Navigational tabs on every page make it easy to find your way.

On Campus section


  • New departments give you more chances to participate in the magazine and hear what other alumnae/i have to say.
  • Wider columns are easier to read.

Alumnae/i section