Tool Time

Bates Design Studio, 1943–44

Reynolds and Way at work

Margaret Reynolds ’47 and Eleanor Way ’46 get handy in the Bates design studio, 1943–44. During World War II, Sarah Lawrence offered an extracurricular course called the “Recreational Occupations Workshop,” in which volunteers—including Reynolds and Way—were trained in activities like weaving, woodcarving, leather work, square knotting, pottery, cartooning, and metal work. The students would then teach wounded veterans these skills as part of their rehabilitation process. The favorite course among vets at the Brooklyn Navy Yard Hospital? Square knotting. As The Campus reported in January 1944, “This was not difficult to understand, for by simple and clever twisting of cords it is possible to turn out attractive and useful articles such as belts.” The program ended soon after the war did. Photograph by Rizzolla Photo Service, courtesy of the SLC Archives