Student Voices

Student Voices

How does your group empower its members, and how does that enrich the SLC community?

Laura Brown ’11
Queer People of Color
“Our goal is to create a community for queer people of color, or any person who wants to talk about issues that affect queer people of color. Right now we are doing a clothing drive for Sylvia’s Place, an emergency shelter for LGBT teens in Manhattan. For Human Rights Day we are participating through artwork expressing the experience of being gay and a person of color. Next semester we will be doing a film festival as well.”

Mira B. Shore ’11
“Our main goal is to enrich Jewish life on campus and to make a comfortable environment for students to talk about Jewish issues, holidays, and art. We want to create a space for Jewish life on campus.”

Angelina Duell ’09
Christian Union
“The club is a conduit to make people more aware that there are students of faith on campus, and to be respectful of that. We work toward visibility and campus engagement through interfaith dialogues, community service projects, and fellowship events.”

Sharlene Prasad ’09
South-East Asian Organization
“This group is a way for me to reconnect to where my family comes from. One of our goals is to bring cultural and religious traditions to people on campus and to bring other people who are not South-East Asian into the group.”

Aja Mujinga Sherrard ’11
Common Ground, SLC’s students of color space
“Common Ground has always been a safe space for students of color on campus. There isn’t enough space on campus for each group to have its own room, so we all meet here. It creates a real solidarity. The black struggle is the Asian struggle is the queer struggle. There are no divisions.”

Jennifer Waller ’09
Alliance for White Anti-Racist Action
“We are planning on having white anti-racist trainings, talks, and inter-club dialogues. There is a perception that it is up to people of color to police racism and to explain what is okay and what isn’t. But it shouldn’t be any one person or one group’s responsibility.”