From Stephanie Cooper '65, MFA '76

From Stephanie Cooper '65, MFA '76

Alumnae/i Association President

The SLC Je ne sais quoi

Just after my marriage 20 years ago, I gave three parties. One was for neighborhood friends; the second was for my husband’s friends whom I did not yet know well; and the third—and by far the most interesting—was for about 30 Sarah Lawrence friends, both mine and those of my cousin, who graduated a couple of years after I did—a mini-reunion of sorts. After the SLC party my husband remarked to me with great wonder, “I moved from group to group throughout the party. And every time I moved to a new group, there was a woman
saying, ‘No, I’d never done that before. But of course I thought, Why in the world shouldn’t I try?’”

This attitude of high spirits, boundless curiosity, and fearless versatility distinguishes us from other academic communities. Though much has been made of the individualism of Sarah Lawrence alumnae/i, we are united by our sense of adventure. It shines out of graduates from all eras.

Alumnae/i from the past 50 years gathered at the holiday party in New York last December. The energy in the room was palpable, and all around people were telling stories of their adventures. The excitement that we continue to share, across the generations, is distinctive. From what other school, after all, could you expect to find a White House chief of staff whose undergraduate curriculum included both politics and ballet?

May we continue in this vein, recognizable as individuals and as a community; and as our tribe increases, so should the profile of our wonderful College and our service to our wider community!