Connecticut Contractor Creates Classy Constructions

Connecticut Contractor Creates Classy Constructions

Leepson working

Anne Birnbaum Leepson

President and founder of Grayson Construction of Westport, Connecticut

I was a teacher for years, but I always loved houses. I bought a house with a friend and renovated it. People started asking me to do their houses and eventually I established my own company. We do the architectural design and the hands-on construction. It’s very rewarding work because you get to see what you have in your head become real. I don’t do McMansions; what I do is very unique and individual. I am in the final stages of a very interesting spec house that belonged to a well-known artist and is a historic site. I won an award from the Historic District Commission because instead of knocking it down I kept everything that was charming and beautiful. I restored and preserved as much as possible, within the framework of new construction and new mechanicals. As a result, it is the best of both, with the charm of the old and the plumbing of the new!

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