Why I Give

Tonya Czerwinski Schwartz ’92 & Matthew Schwartz ’93

Why I Give

(She) Accomplished photo retoucher

(He) Founder and director of strategy for Constructive, a brand strategy and digital design firm

“We’re privileged to have had this special educational experience, where everything is possible.”

Then Friends since their first year on campus, Matt and Tonya spent their post-college years hanging out with shared Sarah Lawrence friends in New York City. When Tonya got comp tickets to see a violinist at Carnegie Hall, she invited Matt, a music lover. She considered it a platonic outing. He thought it was a date.

Now Married for 14 years and parents to 8-year-old Nola.

Then Tonya planned to study theatre until she took a diction class with Julianna Margulies ’89. In awe of her classmate’s talent, she immersed herself in printmaking instead.

Now Her clients include Bottega Veneta, Tiffany & Co., and Revlon.

Then Initially, Matt studied creative writing. Then, after taking some time off, he focused on visual arts. A favorite pastime was making t-shirts to promote Jell-O wrestling events on campus.

Now His firm specializes in strategy and design for nonprofit and educational organizations. He says, “It’s like an ongoing PhD in ‘how the world works.’”

Then When she wasn’t studying or throwing a party, Tonya could be found in the printmaking studio. Matt played in several bands.

Now Avid fans of live music, Matt and Tonya’s recent concert highlights include Shawn Colvin and Mike Doughty.

Then A couple of years after graduating, Matt and Tonya made their first gift to the College. As a scholarship recipient, Tonya says, “It’s important to pay back Sarah Lawrence for the belief they had in me.”

Now In addition to their annual gift to The Fund for Sarah Lawrence, Matt is planning to host student interns interested in strategy, design, and social change.