President's Letter

Sarah Lawrence College has been ahead of the curve from the very beginning. The founding vision of the College is rooted in the belief that students should be free to develop their own individuality—a radical notion in 1926. Today, Sarah Lawrence continues to uphold this high ideal, and with distinction. As the stories in this issue attest, our students are individuals who are active, inquiring problem solvers in the world. True to our vision, we’ve graduated generations of “originals”—intellectually adventurous individuals who ask critical questions, challenge assumptions, create solutions, and leave an indelible stamp.

Karen Lawrence

To ensure that we can continue to educate many more generations to be fierce and unafraid, we’ve launched The Campaign for Sarah Lawrence, an initiative that reflects our abiding belief in what we do. These days the world demands college graduates who possess the critical abilities that have come to define our students. Sarah Lawrence graduates are uniquely prepared to navigate change because they know how to turn a deluge of information into knowledge and knowledge into purpose. They know how to explore, integrate, and exchange ideas. The Campaign for Sarah Lawrence aims to secure our leadership role in shaping the future through higher education, and I am thrilled to share with you the priorities of this exciting capital campaign.

Attracting intellectually curious, motivated, and high-performing students through endowed scholarships and financial aid

The students who are the best fit for the singular educational opportunity that Sarah Lawrence offers are the applicants that other great colleges also want to attract. We must provide the financial support that will make it feasible for us to recruit and retain the diverse mix of students who will thrive at the College.

Enriching our students’ experience and propelling their success and impact through programs that foster social life, engagement, leadership, and collaboration

We need to ensure that our students can make the most of their campus experience—intellectually and socially—and translate that experience into rewarding internships and satisfying lives of work and service.

Supporting our talented faculty and advancing both our signature programs and new, innovative areas of study

Sarah Lawrence’s ability to deliver a rigorous, individualized academic experience has always rested on the shoulders of its dedicated and gifted faculty. It is essential that we compensate our faculty for the extraordinary work they do, recruit excellent new faculty, and fund faculty scholarship and development. And we must support new areas of inquiry and concentration, even as we increasingly build on the strengths for which Sarah Lawrence has always been known.

Building community in a vibrant living and learning environment

Learning at Sarah Lawrence happens around the clock: exploration, connection, and debate flow from classrooms to residence halls, from the library to the lawns. But there is a distinct lack of space for large-scale community activities as well as students’ informal socializing and collaborative work. The Barbara Walters Campus Center will be a historic addition to campus life and become a magnet for community in the heart of the campus.

Supporting progress—today—through gifts to the Fund for Sarah Lawrence

These unrestricted annual gifts from generous alumni, parents, and friends are the lifeblood of the College as they are used for student scholarships, faculty support, new technology, and the maintenance of our cherished campus.

The Sarah Lawrence model is widely emulated. But we cannot stand still. The priorities of The Campaign for Sarah Lawrence are fueled by the vision for the College—to be internationally recognized as a bold and influential model for 21st-century education that produces passionate thinkers and doers who are singularly prepared to tackle the world and help shape the future.

In this issue, we celebrate the Campaign’s objectives with stories about students, faculty, and alumni. During this pivotal moment in the College’s history, I hope you find them as inspiring as I do.