Catalogue of Wonders

From the anthropology of human kinship to the zeitgeist of the digital age, the annual Sarah Lawrence course catalogue offers a cornucopia of academic delights.

By Joanna Bettelheim '09

Sarah Lawrence students read a diverse library of books, from the classics to the contemporary.

But the most universally read text on campus?

The humble course catalogue. Each course description provides students with an opportunity to shape both education and self, which makes choosing just three courses from the entire catalogue perhaps the hardest task a student will face until conference week.

For alumni, the onset of fall can inspire a wistful nostalgia for the catalogue, leaving them itching to decide between a workshop in experimental nonfiction and an exploration of gender politics in the Middle East. Why not peruse the catalogue and create your own fantasy registration, without the practical concerns of a Friday morning commitment?

Here’s a peek into the 2015-16 course catalogue.