Friends of the Library




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In 1975, a group of community members met to discuss the creation of an organization to support and promote the Esther Raushenbush Library of Sarah Lawrence College. Since then, for the past forty years, the Friends of the Library have forged lasting connections between the College and the nearby community through its borrowing program, events, and publications.

Now, we would like to announce that Sarah Lawrence College will build on this success and extend the Friends’ reach to the entire College. Starting this fall, the Friends of the Library will expand to become the Friends of Sarah Lawrence College.

Please contact Cheryl Cipro, Director of Regional and Special Programming, 914.813.9211,, for more information.

The Library itself will continue to offer a borrowing membership to community residents for $60/year. Please contact Janet Alexander, Library Associate Director, 914.395.2432,, for more information.