Culture, Excursions and Activities

Exploring the breathtaking areas in and around Tuscany is an essential part of the Florence program. Class trips take students directly to the source of the material they are studying, be it a literary setting, a historic monument, or a local artist's masterpiece. Many of our field trip destinations—such as Renaissance villas—are closed to the general public. Others, such as vineyards and olive oil mills in the surrounding cities and villages, are in less-traveled locales.

The program also offers a vast array of cultural activities. Tickets to the Teatro della Pergola, Teatro Verdi, Teatro Goldoni, and Teatro Comunale offer a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see famous operas, world-renowned conductors and symphony orchestras, celebrated dance companies, and Italian language plays. Lectures by prominent people—in and out of academia—are held throughout the year and special events include contemporary artists' performances, contemporary writers' lectures, and also film screenings that often include a Q&A with the director.

Each semester, students are also invited to take an in-depth look at some of Italy's richest areas in the form of overnight trips. Days are carefully planned to explore to the fullest local traditions, art, and special sites.

The costs for all excursions and events are covered in the tuition fee.

Volunteer Work

Students have also sought to deepen their involvement in the community by volunteering in various places. Past volunteer activities and locations include:

Working with children and teenagers

Working with Immigrants

Interning in Art Galleries

Creative Writing

Athletic Activities

Students with an interest in participating in sports or other athletic opportunities will want to consider the following possibilities: gym, dance, yoga, swimming, basketball, rowing, and soccer. Athletic activities are at each individual’s expense.

Past Excursions

Students in the Florence program have taken field trips to locations including Assisi, Siena, San Gimignano, Fiesole, Ravenna, Arezzo, Milan, Parma, Bologna, Volterra, Vicenza, Pisa, and Viareggio, as well as overnight trips to places such as Venice, Rome, Naples, Torino, and Tuscan/Maremma.