Global Campus & Student Life

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Interview a visiting scholar from Ghana, a writer from Buenos Aires. Attend the student-run International Film Festival. Write for Babel, the student publication dedicated to translation. Intern at the African Services Committee. Discover the Egyptian collection at the Brooklyn Museum. Study tai chi or bolero dance at the Campbell Sports Center. Host a Holi celebration. Build a Sukkah. Dine at the Japanese language table. Or Spanish table. Or Mandarin table. Explore New York City, home to speakers of 800 (yes, 800!) different languages. Join a group, launch a group. Repeat.

Lectures, Presentations, Colloquia, and More

Throughout the school year, Sarah Lawrence students can avail themselves of campus events with a global focus. Examples of such events held recently include:

  • "The Foreign Mother Tongue"
    A lecture by Sayed Kashua, Israeli writer and creator of the TV show Arab Labor
  • Re-envisioning Pakistan: The Political Economy of Social Transformation
    An international conference on the historical realities and current challenges facing Pakistan
  • Quest for Honor: Film Screening and Discussion
    A film that examines the rise in “honor killing” and how it endangers tens of thousands of women in Iraq, Turkey, Jordan, and adjoining countries.
  • Site visit to Doctors Without Borders
  • “Syria’s Political Economy and the Uprising”
    A lecture by Bassam Haddad, director of the Middle East Studies program at George Mason University
  • A lecture by Fatima Ahmed
    President of Zenab for Women in Development; founder of Sudan’s first women farmers union
  • “Women in the Chicano Movement: Grassroots Activism in San José”
    A Women's History alumni talk by Nannette Romero Regua MA '97
  • “Opportunities Lost? Tracking the Struggle for Human Rights in Post-Mubarak Egypt”
    A lecture by Heba Morayef, researcher in the Middle East and North Africa division of Human Rights Watch
  • West African Faso Foli performance