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Poetry Workshop


This graduate workshop will involve a lot of reading as well as writing. What are the dominant myths in Western culture? How is our own worldview influenced by them? What is your relationship to the garden? To time? To error? To form? To wholeness? To brokenness? How does the manner (the how) of your poems reflect that worldview? What is your relationship to “the natural world”? If you join this class  will read The Book of Genesis, the Greek myths, and many other nonfiction texts, as well as books of poems—approximately one book a week. You will write a poem per week and meet with another member of our class community once a week in a poetry date. You will keep a journal of observations each week. You will meet with me in a conference every other week. You will collect your poems into a chapbook at the end of the term. I ask for full participation, deep inquiry, and rigor. We will have a wonderful time.