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Poetic Process: A Poetry Workshop

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In this reading and writing workshop, we will undertake three tasks: to discuss close readings of poems and texts relevant to poetics and the creative process; to find new ways to generate poems of our own through exercises, models, and experiments; and, finally, to workshop our poems for revision purposes. During the semester, we’ll explore the theme of poetic process, always asking ourselves: How do we grow as artists? How do other arts and sciences inform our work? What is the role of the unconscious, of mystery, in both creativity and revision work? In class, selected readings of contemporary, traditional, experimental, and culturally diverse poetry will be discussed—followed by close readings of our own work. Thorough and compassionate participation is expected in classes and in conference. Further readings of essays on craft (prosody) and poetry will be assigned individually in our conferences. An annotated bibliography (worksheet) and a revised, sequenced gathering of 10 poems written this semester in chapbook format are expected before semester’s end. The classroom itself is reserved for exploring, risk-taking, and mistake-making. Please park preconceptions, egos, etc. outside.