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Fiction Workshop

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This class will combine discussions of student work with writing exercises and readings in critical theory and psychology. We'll also read stories from published writers whose work serves a given discussion. We’ll talk about narrative approaches using psychic distance, fiction as dream, fiction as desire, the role of the unconscious, repetition and difference, and metaphor theory. Rather than cling to what we "know" in artful, literary fiction, I'm a firm believer in Cynthia Ozick's tenet: "When you write about what you don't know, this means you begin to think about the world at large. You begin to think beyond the home-thoughts. You enter dream and's our will to enter the world...." The most grounded realism needs to enter the reader's mind like a dream. It needs to leave the reader a complete stranger to its world, even after they've finished reading. I want to get the class thinking about entering the broader world, about writing stories that don't ever leave their readers.