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Fiction Workshop: The Novel

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Just exactly what is a novel, anyway? How do you make one? And why? These are the guiding questions we’ll be answering—or discovering are unanswerable—in this workshop. Along the way ,we’ll be considering questions of process, structure, voice, dramaturgy, and imagination—but always in pursuit of rougher beasts like truth, magic, pleasure, and intensity. Conception and revision will be given equal weight. Each writer turning in material will be expected to put the workshop to use according to his or her own lights, whether it’s to test drive material that may turn into a novel or to help revise a completed manuscript. Along the way, we’ll be reading and arguing with Kundera’s and Forster’s short books on the novel and will likely read novels by Edith Wharton, Philip Roth, Haruki Murakami, Renata Adler, Sheila Heti, and Zadie Smith.