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Writers Gym

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“You can’t wait for inspiration, you have to go after it with a club”—Jack London

Writers Gym is a yearlong writing workshop designed for writers of any genre and for any level of experience from beginner to advanced. Our focus is on writing exercises that develop characters and stories, whether for the stage, screen, or prose narration. In addition, we study theories about the nature of creativity. Our goals are as follows: to study writing methods that help to inspire, nurture, encourage, and sustain our urge/need to write; to learn how to transform personal experiences and observations into imaginative dramatic and/or prose fiction or poetic metaphor and imagery; to concentrate on building the inner lives of our characters through in-depth character work in order to create stronger stories; to explore—that is to say, investigate—and gain access to our spontaneous ideas; to articulate and gain a more conscious relationship to the “inner territory” from which we draw ideas; to confront issues that block the writing process; and to gain greater confidence in relation to revision as we pursue clarification of the work. This class meets once a week.