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Experiments in Language and Form

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In this class, we focus on writing “experimental theatre”; that is, we experiment with theatrical forms that extend beyond traditional portrayals of time, three-dimensional space, language, character, and dramatic structure and discover the impact that different types of onstage presentations might have on audiences. We are not interested in “imitating” the style of “experimental” playwrights but, rather, using their texts as influence, stimulus, and encouragement as we attempt our own “experiments.” As we investigate various experimental playwrights—Beckett, Ionesco, Arrabal, Adrienne Kennedy—we will seek to ascertain the political, spiritual, psychological, and social elements that influenced the creation of their works. Our aim, first and foremost, is to investigate and explore ways to genuinely investigate and give theatrical expression to our own personal, political, and spiritual interior lives, values, observations, and beliefs. We will then examine the most effective manner of communicating our theatrical experiments to an audience. Our “experimental writing” will include multimedia presentations as part of the scripted, onstage play or performance. This class meets twice a week.