Medical Genetics Seminar

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This yearlong seminar is taught by 20 clinical and molecular geneticists drawn from medical schools in the greater New York area. Seminar topics include: cytogenetics, cytogenetic techniques, sex chromosome abnormalities and disorders of sex differentiation, autosomal and X-linked abnormalities, population genetics, genetically lethal conditions, biochemical genetics and inborn errors of metabolism, developmental genetics, environmental teratogens, neurogenetics, immunogenetics, genetic polymorphisms, multifactorial inheritance, infertility and assisted reproductive technologies, cancer genetics, genetics of craniosynostoses, advanced topics in linkage and lod scores, detection and counseling for detection of prenatal anomalies based on ultrasonography and fetal echocardiography, and genetic disorders of special organ systems. Molecular diagnosis of genetic diseases is emphasized. Genetic counselors supplement the genetics seminars with discussion of the psychosocial issues and counseling techniques for many of the topics. The course requires the writing of a master’s thesis.