Human Genetics Program

M.S. in Human Genetics

Home of the nation’s first—and still the largest—program in human genetics, Sarah Lawrence has trained more than half of the country’s genetic counselors. Characterized by innovation at the nexus of health, science, and society, this world-renowned program prepares students for careers educating not only patients, but also doctors, other health professionals, and the public at large. Students learn that the field of genetics now includes genetic disorders ranging from rare diseases to prevalent conditions such as cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s, and diabetes. Each student is placed at a total of seven sites from a wealth of fieldwork options at nearly 50 centers in the New York City area. At the hub of international growth in the field, the College recruits top scientists to its faculty from the area’s genetic centers and brings leading researchers and speakers to campus weekly to discuss current topics. Each student also develops a community outreach project, targeting an audience to educate about a particular set of relevant genetic information.