Why I Give: Zach Donovan ’10 & Sarah Livant ’10

"I support Sarah Lawrence because ... it turns out thoughtful, caring, compassionate humans who are far and away more likely to make the world a better place than your average college graduate."—Zach Donovan ’10

Then Zach was homeschooled in Brooklyn by his parents. Sarah grew up in Auburn, Alabama.

Now The beauty of campus—particularly the trees, in Sarah’s case— was a big reason they chose Sarah Lawrence.

Then Sarah began singing in various choirs in Auburn at a young age, and she started the Sarah Lawrence Gospel Choir in 2009.

Now Both sing in Sacred Harp events around New York City. Sacred Harp is a type of choral music not intended to be performed but to be participatory. “Everyone sings to the center of the group, creating a huge column of sound,” Sarah says.

Then Zach joined Midnight Cabaret his first week at Sarah Lawrence, and convinced Sarah to overcome her shyness and join (she eventually became a co-chair).

Now They became close friends and spent hours together planning and performing plays, singing in the Gospel Choir, studying in the library, and cracking jokes over brunch.

Then They exchanged handwritten letters when Zach went abroad to Oxford his junior year.

Now In July 2012, Zach took Sarah back to Titsworth at Sarah Lawrence (where Midnight Cabaret meets, and where they first kissed) and handed her a letter that detailed why he wanted to marry her. They were married in September 2013 in Alabama.

Then They have donated consistently since senior year. Sarah made a senior gift of $219.

Now Zach donated $225 during the 2014 "Mad About SLC Challenge" to bring his total donations up to the leadership level for alumni less than five years out of college ($250).