Why I Give: Lucy & Jeff Colman
Parents of Stuart '09 & Emma '16

"We've seen other colleges try to do something similar to Sarah Lawrence—working with professors a lot, one-on-one experiences—but they don't get it way Sarah Lawrence does."

(She) Freelance cellist and interior designer

(He) Owner and president of a temperature-control technology company

Then Met at a liberal arts college in Wisconsin while playing bridge one night in a dorm. They got into a heated discussion about the rules and went to Lucy’s room to consult her Encyclopedia Britannica. Lucy told him, “You can look at the rules, but you can’t take the book out of my room.”

Now Married for 36 years.

Then Lucy double-majored in music and art history; Jeff in math and economics. He also holds an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

Now Stuart was a music third and Emma studied poetry and German language and literature.

Then Got lost trying to find the College with Stuart when he visited campus before applying.

Now As Lucy says, “Our car knows the way.”

Then When Stuart began his first year, Jeff and Lucy became founding members of the Parents Advisory Council.

Now They’ve been PAC members ever since, solidifying their 11-year love affair with the College.

Then Jeff and Lucy say their children are only alike in that they’re intelligent and share a great sense of humor.

Now Despite their differences, both Stuart and Emma were happy at the College. “The fact that they both found their niches and passions and lives at Sarah Lawrence—I think that’s something pretty special,” Lucy says.

Then First donated $500 to the Parents Fund in 2006.

Now Donate $2,500 or more every year, including a leadership gift to help establish the Student Engagement Fund in 2008.