Charitable Gift Annuities

A Charitable Gift Annuity is a contract between Sarah Lawrence and a donor specifying that in return for a gift of cash or marketable securities, the College will provide the donor and/or another beneficiary, fixed payments for life. The payment rate is based on the age of the beneficiaries at the time the gift is established and the value of the gift.

A Deferred Gift Annuity permits you to delay receiving the gift annuity payments at least a year from the date of gift.  This permits a higher payment rate than you would earn on an “immediate payment” gift annuity.
Gift annuities give you:

  • Fixed lifetime payments
  • An income tax charitable deduction
  • Favorable taxation

Download a Charitable Gift Annuities information sheet to learn more, and explore our Gift Planning Calculator to see what a Sarah Lawrence Charitable Gift Annuity could do for you.

Gift Annuities Make Great Reunion Gifts

Shirley Bourquin '60 came to study at Sarah Lawrence because her father, a Yale professor, convinced her. “He was fascinated by the quality of the faculty, the interesting people who were here, and the opportunity to do individual study,” says Shirley. “I got a wonderful education.”

On campus the Connecticut native was entranced by how Joseph Campbell’s classes wove psychology, religion, and ancient history together into a fascinating tapestry. This student, whose mother was a Yale librarian, loved the intimacy of the Sarah Lawrence library and the helpfulness of its librarians. Even the heavy spring blossoms of the cherry arbor were a joy.

Shirley enjoyed her small classes. “After you finished in the classroom, you’d go to lunch or walk across campus together, and you’d be sharing and discussing the ideas and concepts from class,” she said. “I got even more of an education outside the classroom.”
She had arrived with a background in music and modern dance, “but Sarah Lawrence expanded my horizons,” she said.

Inspired by Campbell’s example, she earned her teaching certificate and taught public school for four years until she and her husband David started a family. Since then, Shirley has served as an active community volunteer. David, a Yale graduate and avid hockey player and fan, worked as a stockbroker.

The Bourquins had a son and daughter and were married 44 years until David’s death in 2002. Shirley lives in Massachusetts near her two granddaughters with whom she enjoys skiing and figure skating.

Shirley has established two charitable gift annuities with the college. “The first gift annuity worked so well, I knew a second one would be the perfect gift for my 50th Reunion,” says Shirley. “I get payments for life,” she said. “It turned out, financially, to be a smart move. The payment rate I receive from the Sarah Lawrence gift annuity is far better than interest or dividends right now.”  Shirley has designed her gift annuities specifically to benefit the Fund for Sarah Lawrence, thus demonstrating her confidence in the leadership of College president Karen Lawrence.

Shirley urges other alumni to support Sarah Lawrence. “It makes me feel good knowing that Sarah Lawrence will enrich someone else’s life the way it enriched mine.”

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Dorea FerrisFor more about Charitable Gift Annuities, please download our information sheet (PDF format). You may also call Dorea Ferris, Director of Gift Planning, at (914) 813-9251 or e-mail her at