Graduate Profiles

More than one-third of the nation's genetic counselors have studied at Sarah Lawrence.

Daniel Riconda '88, MS

Daniel Riconda loved genetics and psychology as an undergraduate student, and found his way to the field of genetic counseling through a visit to his school's career development office.

Jordanna Joaquina '04, MS, CGC

Jordanna Joaquina decided she wanted to be a genetic counselor in her high school AP Biology class. Today, she is merging her genetic counseling skills with the Internet—and becoming an entrepreneur in the process.

Heather Hampel '95, MS, CGC 

Heather Hampel wanted to be a genetic counselor since age 12. The Human Genetics graduate program helped her achieve that goal—and enormous success in the field.

Elizabeth Balkite '79

"If you want to be a member of an interesting profession, in an engaging field that has no boundaries, then Human Genetics is right for you. One can be a clinical genetic counselor, apply their genetics and counseling skills in business, public health, and or health policy—it is a wonderful profession and leads to a great career."

Amelia Chappelle '07, MS

Intrigued by the ethical dilemmas surrounding genetic testing and the field of genetic counseling, Amelia Chappelle chose to pursue a degree in Human Genetics.

Scott Rosenthal '06, MS

"[My experiences] showed me that there was a way to do science outside of a lab with a greater human element; I came to realize that I could apply science in a way that directly changes people’s lives."

Sandra Donkervoort '07, MS

Sandra Donkervoort’s academic interest in the sciences –combined with a desire for direct patient contact– lead her to the field of human genetics.

Debra L. Collins '79, M.S., CGC

"Everything I experienced at Sarah Lawrence eventually was incorporated into my career."

Daniela Iacoboni '00, MS

To the patients she works with in The Bronx, New York, Daniela Iacoboni is more than a prenatal genetic counselor—she is the person who can help them turn their choices into action.

Java Solis '01, MS

"The Sarah Lawrence name has opened more doors than I ever expected."

Tara Shea ’03, MS

When a career test suggested “genetic counselor,” Tara Shea’s love of science and people—and experience with her own genetic condition—came together.

Erin M. Carter '05, MS

With a wide array of fieldwork assignments, Erin Carter’s clinical rotations provided a comprehensive view of the genetics field and helped in preparing for certification exams.

Video Corner

Kristen Gunderson

Student Kristen Gunderson shares her thoughts on The Joan H. Marks Graduate Program in Human Genetics. Watch on YouTube»

What Our Graduates Do

  • Genetic counselors, members of a health care team, provide information and support to the families of people who either suffer from or are at risk of genetic conditions.
  • Community educators and health information specialists educate and empower patients and the general public.
  • Research coordinators and managers facilitate the research process and translate information for study participants in government, nonprofit, or industry settings.
  • Policy developers in government or nonprofit organizations address such issues as reproductive genetics, cloning, and the screening of infants.
  • Public health genetics specialists design and implement clinical and information-gathering programs, and interpret genetic or genomic information for the public.

Where Some of Our Graduates Work

  • Ambry Genetics Corporation
  • Cedars Sinai Medical Center
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • Children’s National Medical Center
  • Columbia University Medical Center
  • Cooley’s Anemia Foundation
  • Genetic Alliance (Washington, DC)
  • Genetics and Public Policy Center (Johns Hopkins)
  • Genzyme Corporation
  • Glaxo Smith Kline
  • Hawaii State Department of Health
  • Huntsman Cancer Institute
  • Independent Consultant, Science and Health Policy
  • Myriad Genetics
  • Ohio State University
  • Washington State Department of Health
  • Sarah Lawrence College