COVID-19 Testing Dashboard

Sarah Lawrence College is located in Westchester County, which is in the Mid-Hudson region of New York State and adjacent to the New York City region. The below graphic offers key metrics regarding the state of the pandemic across New York. For more information and for more local details and data, please visit the NY Forward COVID-19 Regional Metrics Dashboard.

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Source: New York Forward website

COVID-19 Testing

Following start-of-semester screening tests for all residential and commuter students, the SLC Health & Wellness Center will administer COVID-19 PCR tests for students during the fall semester, per New York State guidelines. In addition, all members of the SLC community (students, faculty, and staff) who will come to campus, or who live on campus, are required to complete a daily symptom tracker before coming to campus or leaving their on-campus housing in the morning.

Weekly Test Results

Results from COVID-19 ​tests administered by Sarah Lawrence College will be updated on Mondays to reflect the seven day period prior.

Week Total number of test results Negative test results Postive test results

8/24 through 8/30 (pre-screening of early arrival students and participating on-campus faculty and staff)

83 82 1

8/31 through 9/6




9/7 through 9/13

356 356 0

9/14 through 9/20

13 13 0

9/21 through 9/27

199 198 1

Students in On-Campus Isolation Daily Counts

Isolation is for individuals who have tested positive for the virus or who display symptoms and are awaiting test results. Only residential students will isolate on campus.

Data is updated every morning to reflect previous day's information.