Charmian Wells

Undergraduate Discipline


BFA, MA, New York University Tisch School of the Arts. A cultural historian, working in dance studies, performance studies, black cultural studies, and queer theory. She is currently pursuing her scholarly interests as a doctoral candidate in dance studies at Temple University. Her research is focused on the concept of choreographing belonging in the African diaspora, in particular within concert dance of the Black Arts Movement in New York City (1965-75). This interest stems from her performance background as a dancer with Forces of Nature Dance Theatre since 2005. She has worked as an editorial assistant on Dance Research Journal and taught in the dance departments of Lehman College, Marymount Manhattan College, and Temple University. SLC 2017-

Undergraduate Courses 2018-2019


Introduction to Dance History


This course is for all students beginning the dance program.

This course explores the history of Western theatrical dance from the courts of Louis XIV to the present. The course offers an overview of key artistic movements and traces the development of major forms and genres, considering them within their social, cultural, racial, and gendered contexts. Through class screenings, attendance at live performances, and written assignments, students will learn methods of observation, analysis, interpretation, and evaluation informed by a broad understanding of dance’s past and present and how it relates to their own research and practice.