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Cathy Weis

BA & MA Bennington College, is a dancer, choreographer & videographer based in New York. She is producer/director of Weisacres, a meeting/performing space where anything can happen. Weis danced with the Louisville Ballet; tap danced on the streets of San Francisco; and did a stint as a disco queen. She documented the downtown (NYC) performance scene over a 20-year period creating a library of hundreds of hours of footage capturing the spirit on the city’s streets and stages. Weis has developed a signature blend of live performance and video, with which she has toured both nationally and internationally. She has taught her class, When Technology and the Human Body become Partners, Who Leads, at universities in the US and abroad. In addition, she performs with Circus Amok. She received a Bessie (New York Dance & Performance Award), 1996, and a Guggenheim Fellowship, 2002. SLC, 2013 -

Undergraduate discipline: Creative and Performing Arts