Catherine Weis

BA, MA, Bennington College. Dancer, choreographer, and videographer based in New York City; producer/director of Weisacres, a meeting/performing space where anything can happen. Danced with the Louisville Ballet, tap-danced on the streets of San Francisco, and did a stint as a disco queen. Documented the downtown (New York City) performance scene over a 20-year period, creating a library of hundreds of hours of footage capturing the spirit on the City’s streets and stages. Developed a signature blend of live performance and video, with which she has toured both nationally and internationally; taught “When Technology and the Human Body Become Partners, Who Leads?” at universities in the United States and abroad; performs with Circus Amok. Recipient of a “Bessie” award in 1996 and a Guggenheim fellowship in 2002. SLC, 2013–

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  • Dance and Camera