Gabrielle Schutz

Undergraduate Discipline


Undergraduate Courses 2018-2019


Embodied Performance: Contemporary Physical Acting Techniques

Open , Component—Spring

This course is both a survey introduction and a rigorous exploration of various contemporary physical performance techniques. Individually, we will examine the range, patterns, flexibility, and vulnerability of our bodies. Collaboratively, we will examine the semiotics of movement through both active creation and contextual research. Through experimentation with various training and generative techniques (including Grotowski, Viewpoints, Suzuki, etc.), we will add tools to our practice and activate our imaginations. The primary goals of this course are that you will: Develop your kinesthetic awareness; become a more generous, bold, and self-aware physical presence in a creative process; nurture your unique expressive impulses; and challenge yourself to put theory into practice by thinking critically while acting reflexively. This is a course for performers who want to challenge their range and for creator/directors who want to develop a broad vocabulary for stage movement. All levels are welcome. "Experienclng space In its own context and learning to dialogue with its languages helps in reaching past habitual use of the material. The possibility of Iearning directly from materials that speak languages other than our own has powerful implications. It means we have more languages with which to communicate. It means that we can communicate more information on more topics with greater subtlety. It means that the training to be an observer/participant brings with it more openness to communicate. It also places the artist in a more joyful and reverent activity, one that is free from the demands to be in control and to be right at all the times." —Mary Overlie