Edgar Rivera Colon

PhD. A sexuality/gender and medical anthropologist, he has spent over a decade engaged in training frontline African American and Latino/a LGBT HIV/AIDS preventionists in the use of ethnographic research methods in developing community-level interventions. His dissertation, Getting Life in Two Worlds: Power and Prevention in the New York City House Ball Community, is an ethnographic study of House Ball community leaders who are preventionists and their efforts to fashion meaningful lives out of the material and symbolic resources afforded by both an autonomous African American and Latino/a LGBT alternative kinship system and dance performance circuit and the world of HIV/AIDS prevention and intervention not-for-profit organizations. An expert in Latino gay male sexual cultures and HIV, he regularly trains state-level public health professionals in cultural competency in working with Latin@ LGBT communities in the United States. Most recently, he published “Between the Runway & the Empty Tomb: Bodily Transformation and Christian Praxis in New York City’s House Ball Community” in an edited volume by Dr. Samuel Cruz entitled, Christianity and Culture in the City: A Postcolonial Approach. Member, Community Advisory Board of Hetrick-Martin Institute, New York City's premier LGBTQ youth services; co-founder, Arbert Santana Ballroom Archive and Oral History Project. SLC, 2013-