Carley Reidy

BA, MS, Sarah Lawrence College. MS, PACE University Educational Leadership. New York State-certified school building leader. New York State-certified teacher N-6. Elementary teacher for Yonkers Public School system since 2000. Administrator, staff developer, curriculum writer, educational advocate/speaker. SLC, 2017–

Previous Courses

MSEd in the Art of Teaching Program

Teaching for Diversity

Graduate Seminar—Year

This course will provide instruction in the methodologies of teaching diverse communities of learners, with an emphasis on meeting the needs of at-risk students. The course will address racial and economic inequality, multilingual education, and the educational needs of diverse families, including single-parent, multiracial, foster, adoptive, blended, LGBTQ, and immigrant families. It will bring forward new research-based practice, such as sheltered instruction operational protocol (SIOP), STEAM learning, and the project model. Engaging families and encouraging them to become collaborators in their child’s schooling will be addressed. All students will attend a biweekly, discussion-based seminar and participate in campus initiatives that address key course themes, including the Art of Teaching’s Film Series and the Undoing Racism Workshop. Students will integrate their experiential learning with theory, research, policy, and practice. Students in this course will be able to: identify the complex social factors of race, ethnicity, social class, gender, and ability that influence the teaching and learning process; examine their own cultural experience of race, ethnicity, social class, gender, and ability; incorporate developmentally appropriate, evidence-based practice into their classrooms; develop strategies for culturally responsive teaching and assessment; and create a learning environment that respects the dignity of all students.