Antonio Ramos

Undergraduate Discipline


Undergraduate Courses 2022-2023


Feldenkrais: Awareness Through Movement®


Life may appear to us to be so simple that we often fail to notice and appreciate its beauty. The integration of the nervous system cultivates the capacity for spontaneous, effortless movement and powerful action in life—aimed to articulate new processes, facilitate connections, minimize limitations, and solve emerging problems. These classes will offer tools and lessons based on somatic practices and awareness of The Feldenkrais Method as a way of learning and refined choreography of behavioral coordination. Classes will be verbally guided through precisely structured movement explorations to enhance the learning, help release habitual patterns, and offer new options. Participants may be on the floor—sitting or standing—as we explore the different dimensions of the space. This workshop is part of my ongoing research about emerging practices based on The Feldenkrais Method. All bodies are welcome to these lessons.