Eddye Pierce-Young

BM, MM, University of Colorado. Additional study, Graz, Austria. Concert artist (soprano): national, European, and Asian stages; national finalist in both the San Francisco Opera and Metropolitan Opera competitions; recipient of awards and grants in the fields of vocal performance and music education. SLC, 1989–

Course Information

Current undergraduate courses

Self-Discovery Through Singing

This course encourages an exploration of the student’s vocal ability and potential. Each singer will develop his or her technique through repertoire and vocal exercises geared to individual ability and specific voice type. At the core of instruction is the required weekly “practice sheet.” This becomes the tool for “self-discovery.” Each semester ends with a class performance in recital format.


So This Is Opera?

This course is an introduction to opera through an opera workshop experience that explores combining drama and music to create a story. Open to students in the performing arts (music, dance and theatre), as well as in the College community at large. Weekly class attendance is mandatory.

Related Cross-Discipline Paths

Studio Class

The Studio Class is a beginning course in basic vocal technique. Each student’s vocal needs are met within the structure and content of the class.


Previous courses

Seminar in Vocal Performance

Voice students will gain performance experience by singing a repertoire selected in cooperation with the studio instructors. Students will become acquainted with a broader vocal literature perspective by singing in several languages and exploring several historical music periods. Interpretation, diction, and stage deportment will be stressed. During the course of their studies and with permission of their instructor, all Music Thirds in voice are required to take Seminar in Vocal Performance for two semesters.