Gilberto Perez

The Noble Foundation Chair in Art and Cultural History

BS, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. MA, Princeton University. Author of The Material Ghost: Films and Their Medium and of numerous articles for the London Review of Books, Raritan, The Yale Review, The Nation, The Hudson Review, Sight and Sound, and other publications; recipient of a Noble fellowship for Advanced Studies in the Visual Arts at the Museum of Modern Art, a Mellon Faculty fellowship at Harvard University, the Weiner Distinguished Professorship in the Humanities at the University of Missouri, and other awards. SLC, 1983–

Undergraduate discipline: Film History

Courses taught in Film History

Courses from previous years

  • Cinema in the 1930s
  • Major Filmmakers
  • The Double
  • First-Year Studies: History of Film
  • Genre and Narrative in the Movies
  • Portrait of the Artist
  • Cinema and Society
  • Rhetoric of Film
Gilberto Perez

Gilberto Perez